We traded a recipe book for a passport. For over a year we toured every spirit, syrup and citrus imaginable until we finally landed on something we felt truly proud of putting in a can. 

Throughout it all, artificial sweeteners and flavored malt have remained no-fly zones. Only natural flavors, real spirits and good times. We’ll raise a can to that, and we hope you’ll join us. 

Because now, Vacation is just a sip away.

Hot Tropics

Tastes Like:

Laying out on warm sand on the first day of summer and the breeze hitting just right while waves crash softly in the distance and you end up escaping the entire experience without a sunburn.

Made With:

Vodka | Pineapple | Grapefruit | Limequat Citrus | Seltzer Water

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Day Spa - Coming Soon

Tastes Like:

Getting a text from a friend that says they’re canceling those plans that deep down you didn’t want to happen because you had a long day and in this moment you love your couch more than that thing you said you were gonna do.

Made With:

Botanical Gin | Cucumber | Lime | Elderflower | Buddha’s Hand Citrus | Seltzer Water