We go to the ends of the earth seeking that special feeling that makes our eyes bright and our minds full and our hearts overflow. Sometimes we find it in far-off destinations. Sometimes we run into it in our own backyards. We’ve managed to capture it in a can. Our mission is to bring that special feeling to every single moment. All you need is a Vacation.

  • We're here to shake things up.

    You’ll never find martinis or mai tais with our name on them. That’s because we’re crafting completely original cocktails with vibrant flavor profiles and just the right spirits to match. Every beverage is high-quality and highly delicious.

  • Whenever, wherever.

    Add Shakira to the queue and crack open an ice-cold can of pure bliss anywhere. Our less-than-100-calorie cocktails are crafted to bring that exotic je ne sais quoi to every moment.

  • 100% Real. 6.5% ABV.

    That’s right. If it’s not real spirits and fresh ingredients hand-sourced from local partners, then it’s not Vacation. The way we see it, the best ingredients go into our cans so that the best moments come out of them.