A Moment for Moments

A Moment for Moments

Welcome to Vacation Cocktails. We’re here to make meaningful moments. Vacation Cocktails wasn’t the first to come up with the idea of a ready-to-drink cocktail, but we are aiming higher than whatever legacy alcohol brands are putting out. 

We got started in the kitchen of an apartment in Costa Mesa, California during the height of the pandemic. We’ve been running at full speed ever since. After a long list of what if’s, we decided to put the pen to paper and turn our dreams into reality. 

This summer, we’ll be releasing our flagship line of canned cocktails. We’re going with elixir’s that you’d find in a craft cocktail bar, but without all of the ego. You’ll find our canned cocktails to be sophisticated, yet approachable. 

Our co-founder, Corbin Brown has spent over a decade behind the stick. Ever since he was 18, Corbin’s been a mad scientist. He’s constantly experimenting to master his craft. He’s decided to take the next challenge by putting two of his favorite cocktails into a can. Simple, right? 

Transporting a cocktail from a bar top to a can is more difficult than we thought. Chemistry and community building wasn’t something Corbin and I dreamt we’d become experts in. But, here we are. 

We’ve Gotten by with the Help of Some Great Friends

Mike West, of West Bev rolled up his sleeves and got into the trenches with us. Mike’s been lending his free time to us since the early days. Not only is he a champion of Vacation Cocktails, he’s been kind enough to lend us his resources and chemistry expertise. Mike has been helping us take Hot Tropics and Day Spa from a kitchen recipe written on a bar napkin to a blueprint. 

Building a canned cocktail from scratch was just part of the Vacation Cocktails recipe. Alongside the beverages we hope to see in our customer’s hands, we’re creating an authentic lifestyle brand. We’ve partnered with our dear friend Michela Mifsud who has been working behind the scenes to help us share our story with the world and translate our wild ideas into a visual identity. You can find her art immersed throughout the brand and front and center of our packaging. 

Who We Are

Ever had an identity crisis? Same. Through rich life experiences, we’ve learned to treasure every moment we have with each other. We’re working hard to translate that motif into something tangible and relatable to our fans and customers along for the ride. 

Vacation Cocktails is about the time we spend our time. We measure moments in the presence of the people we love. We’re not a beach company. Palm trees are cool, but there’s more to us than grains of sand. We believe that time is the most valuable currency. Vacation Cocktails is here to elevate your favorite moments. 

Where We’re Going

On June 24th, you’ll be able to pick up Hot Tropics and Day Spa from your Southern California neighborhood store. We’ve decided to launch locally because our friends and family are the ones that have helped us get to where we are today. We’ll be announcing the locations on our website, so check in frequently to see where we’re at. 

Thanks for following along. See you next time.

Drew Tilk | Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer 

Honorable Mentions: 

Ellie Mair Pratt, Brett Merrill and Ashley Duran

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