A Vacation for Vacation

A Vacation for Vacation

Last weekend, we packed up our cars and drove four hours to Alabama Hills from Costa Mesa. We cleverly fooled ourselves into thinking that we were there to shoot content for Vacation Cocktails, but really, we desperately needed to trade the noise of our daily lives for a moment of peace and tranquility. 

The experience made us realize that we were barking up the right tree with this company. We came to the conclusion that we were burnt out from doing too much, but we didn’t have the luxury of being able to be burnt out. It made us take a step back to have an open and honest dialogue about what we wanted to achieve here.

We’re More Than a Canned Cocktail Company.

We exist to celebrate time well spent. We’re building a brand for the people that burn the candle at both ends. The people with endless passions, overflowing calendars and big dreams. The people with creative endeavors that can’t quiet their busy minds. 

Vacation Cocktails is a reminder to take control of your time and do what you love. Spending your time with intention keeps the well full and adds clarity to the things that aren’t in full focus. We acknowledge that this isn’t a new way of thinking, but one that’s overlooked far too often. 

After two years of ideating, formulating, exploring and crying, we’re beyond grateful to be launching this summer. 

We envision that Hot Tropics, our canned cocktail with vodka, fresh pineapple, grapefruit, limequat citrus and seltzer water will be enjoyed on trips like these. We see people reaching for Day Spa with botanical gin, cucumber, fresh lime, elderflower, Buddha’s Hand Citrus and seltzer water to cool off after a long day. 

In the future, you’ll see more from us. As we grow, we’ll be releasing more beverages and hard goods that will be crafted for your favorite moments. 

Enjoy the Ride,

x Drew 


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