Everything is Better When it's Earned

Everything is Better When it's Earned

As a career-long agency recruiter, a salesperson of people to people, the best months are always the most stressful. Still, it's good stress, a positive but sometimes exhausting exertion of really caring about your customers, your candidates, and your success.

I think that's just who I am; I always have cared about the people around me having the best time, enjoying their success, and celebrating my success with people that matter. I'm also someone that will never focus the moment or the occasion around me. If I get promoted at work or have achieved something I have worked consistently towards, I will look to have the people I care about with me and in good spirits; I'll go out of my way to make that day or moment memorable, but I don't want it to be about me, I just want the people that I love and care about around me while I quietly take a couple of (sometimes blurry) mental imagines to fall back on when I need to push myself towards that next achievement. 

I was drawn to Vacation Cocktails for several reasons; firstly, I believe in the space we are in, and I believe that space requires a thoughtful product, a product that isn't a flawed imitation of a classic cocktail but one that offers unique flavor and refreshment but made with liquor we all know and trust. I believe in Drew and Corbin. The energy and passion each of them posses could not be more different, but it burns in the same direction and gives a new meaning to ying and yang. And finally, I loved the brand voice. Celebrate time well spent. It spoke to me directly, and I honestly think for the people who look to make progress every day, it's a brand they will get behind. 

So why are we looking to celebrate only time that's well spent? I'm hoping you will agree there seems to be a right time to indulge, but there are also times when we know it's probably not the right choice. If you're like me, you'll be able to account for times when your indulgence was well earned and others when it was less appropriate. I'm sure you look back on those moments and recall varying emotions. My feeling about Vacation has always been that we truly want to enhance the days and moments where your thoughts and actions had meaning, a purpose, and a focus. No experience is as memorable when it's not earned, and sometimes those small moments of recognition and reflection need a little (or a lot of) celebration. And that moment right there is where we are looking to live. 

I can think of a few examples of this moment that ring true to me, moments where a chilled Hot Tropics would have been the perfect drink to give that moment a little more refreshment. If you can think of those moments or even the next of those moments, that means you see life the same way as we do, a series of wins and sometimes losses but always as progress. 

I hope many of you who see life this way will join vacation on this journey. We believe in our product, and we would be honored if you chose us to celebrate the time you have spent making progress. There's still so much to do to make this a reality, so many little wins and losses we have yet to achieve, lessons to learn, tears, sweat, and debates, but isn't it great to know that anything worth creating has never been created without all of those elements. 

Here's to Celebrating time well spent with you all. 


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